We provide these additional management services, either as stand-alone items, or as part of our procurement support.

Document Management

Communication can be costly, both in terms of resources and reputation. We can ensure you’re getting the best value along with a secure and reliable supply chain.

We provide a full document management service, covering both electronic and paper documentation. We will improve and tighten up your internal processes; rationalise your desktop devices; and, as part of our procurement service, we’re able to source the best supplies for you.

Our document management services include:

Document life-cycle management – from design to disposal and mailroom to archive, we ensure your processes and procedures are watertight while being economic and completely focussed on effective communication.

Sourcing through procurement – we look at your current and future needs. We use established, expert print and document sourcing to obtain the best results from your quotes and tenders, ensuring your document management is professional, cost-effective and reliable. We conduct a full desktop audit for your business to refine these requirements.

In-house analysis and review – we analyse your internal operations to determine the optimum future strategy for you, basing our final recommendations on a tried and tested nine-option model. This ranges from retaining your current set-up to full outsourcing.

Corporate Finance

We underpin our work with detailed operational and financial modelling and risk assessments. Our corporate finance services include:

Business strategy planning – we look at your industry, your competition, market trends and the potential impact of technological changes and new regulations. We review your internal structure in relation to these external factors and your own objectives, and we provide you with a business plan that is sensitive to your needs but designed to drive your business forward.

Bid, acquisition and sales support – if you’re tendering, bidding for contracts, or acquiring or selling a business, we provide essential support in bid preparation, valuations, negotiations and financial modelling.


We care about our clients and our reputation is built on the value we place on relationships. We deal with people so we relate to, and empathise with, our clients on a human level. And we have a sense of humour.

It’s about providing a personal service – you don’t want to feel like just another number and we take personal responsibility for supporting you through both your triumphs and your challenges.

We’ll make firm recommendations but we’ll do it with you, sharing information and advice with you and providing you with options. We involve you when we implement, manage and monitor the actions we take to help you.

Whether our fees are based on a share of the savings, or on the time we spend, or simply if they’re a fixed fee, it’s your choice.

You only pay us when you see actual savings.


How do you see your business? It can be hard to gain the fresh perspective that will enable you to make the right kind of changes to help your business thrive. We will give you that perspective.

We believe in building trust with our clients, forming genuine, collaborative relationships made to last.

Our enlightened procurement approach is adaptable but rigorous – understanding the detail is key, and we do this by getting to know you and your business, working closely with you.

  • The whole team got it and they were brought along that journey… it was all there. They were part of saving us money.

    Robert Brigham, Managing Director, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
  • It was never complex…I’d only have to pick up the phone, and straight away it was made easier.

    Steve Kear, Operations Director, Total Fitness
  • JMCL has operated at a consistent level of excellence in their work and in their relationship with us as their customer. They have “made things happen” in a challenging environment by, taking time to understand our business and the people within it.

    Colin Waggett – Group Chief Executive, Fitness First
  • Jonny immediately understood exactly what we’re all about and was able to help due to his contacts, excellent relationships, creativity and knowledge of circular economy procurement. We’ll continue to work together.

    Syed Ahmed, founder and CEO, Savortex Ltd


We’re happy to talk about your specific business needs to find out how our services will help you manage your margins and make lasting improvements to your procurement processes. Contact us now.


Each client is different, each comes with a unique set of challenges and issues. We work closely with all our clients to find the right solution for them.